Trigger Point Injections

Amidst the commonly used therapies to address jaw muscle pain is a technique called muscle trigger point injections (sometimes referred to as “needling”).

Trigger point injection therapy was developed over 50 years ago and has been effectively used to treat muscle pain in the back, neck and jaw ever since. This technique mechanically breaks up the knots (trigger points) that form as a result of muscle fatigue, strain, injury and overuse (in our practice, that means teeth clenching and grinding). Once formed, trigger points can remain latent and not produce symptoms, but when they become active they are capable of producing intense muscle pain.

Trigger point Injections

Because trigger points form at predictable locations, we can use the needling process to mechanically stimulate the affected muscle, as if the muscle was being “tenderized” and actually “break up” the knots in the muscle. Often local anesthetic (lidocaine) is used so that the site of injection is less tender the next day.

Trigger point injections can be very valuable in the treatment of jaw muscle pain, which characterizes TMJ syndrome, one of the specialties of our practice. But, in order to be effective, a series of trigger point injections is necessary if benefit is to be obtained. Treatment sessions can be spaced weekly and delivered three to four times.

At-Home Treatment

Patients are sent home with a series of stretching exercises, which are critical following the injections and must be performed daily. In addition, careful attention must be given to identifying factors that will likely perpetuate the problem (such as teeth grinding and jaw clenching). For many patients, monthly trigger point injection sessions are preferred over long term the medications that would be necessary if their muscle pain escalated to troublesome levels. What’s more, trigger point injections can be safely used during pregnancy (without local anesthetic).

The majority of our patients who suffer from the debilitating effects of severe jaw muscle pain benefit greatly from this simple therapy. And, trigger point injections, combined with other treatments, are extremely helpful in the long-term management of jaw muscle pain.

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