Derma Filler for Black Triangles

Our gums are also prone to losing volume. This loss of gum tissue can be sped up by so many different dental problems, ranging from gum disease to bruxism (chronic teeth grinding) to orthodontic treatment.

When your gum tissue recedes, you’re likely to see a change across your smile. Sensitive or dark areas of the tooth roots may be revealed, and the balance of the tooth-gum ratio may be off. Additionally, black triangles can form between your teeth. These dark spaces add unwanted age to your smile, and make the overall grin appear dingy.

You deserve to have your smile stand out for positive reasons – not because it has dark spaces between teeth. With dermal fillers, you can plump the areas of your gums that need a little extra help. Minimal treatment at the gum line will puff out your gums and fill out your smile. The end result is a gorgeous grin.